The Leader in Indication Ink Technology

Launched in 1961, Tempilink is a leading brand of innovative and accurate indication ink technology used in the production of ISO 11140-1:2014 compliant products.

As the global leader in the formulation and manufacture of indicating inks designed for process confirmation, we provide a variety of solutions in the form of heat and chemical-sensitive inks for applications in all major medical sterilization, tamper evident and other markets applications.

Products printed with Tempilinks offer a quick, easy, and visible verification of their state. Confirming that an item has been subjected to the proper sterilization process, Tempilinks provide the consistent and reliable results users can count on.

Tempilinks are available in water-based and solvent-based formulations. They may be printed on all typical sterilization materials, including medical grade papers, tag and label stock, and films.

Tempilink Products