Tempilflex Flexographic Inks

Tempilflex flexographic inks provide the strength and durability to meet any printing application. By design they deliver exceptional print quality on a wide range of substrates. They are ideal for everything from typical print runs to the most challenging situations.

  • Aqueous inks for wide ranging applications
  • Use on coated and uncoated stock
  • Films: LDPE, PP, BOPP, PET, and more
  • Process and spot colors to meet all needs
  • High durability, scratch and scuff resistance
  • Excellent optical density
  • Customizable color and performance attributes

Leveraging over 60 years of expertise in specialty inks and coatings, LA-CO Industries is proud to introduce Tempilflex inks. With a focus on quality, consistency and customization, you can rest assured you will receive the right ink for your application.


When you use Tempilflex, you are using the highest quality inks available. From the selection of raw materials, to validation of the ink's performance, our quality standards ensure that only those meeting the highest criteria become a Tempilflex inks. With each new ink, great care is taken to ensure performance meets your expectations.


At LA-CO Industries, we make sure you are receiving the same product each time: the most consistent, reliable, high-quality inks available.


All print runs have the same requirements, except when they don't. At LA-CO, we tailor the ink for your application, not your application to our ink. Whether a custom color is required, or you require adhesion and durability on a unique substrate, we will work with you to deliver a Tempilflex ink which exceeds your expectations.

Tempilflex Products

Tempilflex Strong Tempilflex Laminating Tempilflex High Performance